Artificial Intelligence & Automation Development

  • Current Projects

    - Revamping the website

    - Porting the N.R. research application to Java

    - Developing Digital Assistant functionality for Jeeney on Android

    - Cross platform automation

  • Revamping the Website

    With so many new projects and extended features being developed over the last few months, there has been very little time to pay attention to the website. It's time now to give it an overhaul so we can better unveil some of the new things we're working on!

    It remains undecided if we will add a forum or blog yet, (time constraints!) but we hope to get Jeeney to help us with managing our project and news updates soon!

  • Porting the N.R. research application to Java

    The original Neural Reliquary research application was a great project and we learned a lot from it! That said, we can do better now, and so we shall.

    The new version of the app will work on Windows, Linux and Mac PCs. It's nearly 30x more efficient than the original and significantly faster as well.

    We will be adding a few new features to the app, including the ability to acquire websites to research automatically, a means of pairing with the android assistant being developed and remote control over networks.

    Here's a sneak peak at what it looks like right now.

  • Developing Digital Assistant functionality for Jeeney on Android

    The android assistant software will have a broad range of features, many of which are already being reviewed by our closed-beta testers.

    Current features include but are not limited to:

    - Voice interaction

    - Messaging and email dictation

    - Media Control

    - Interactive Maps

    - On demand research for N.R.

    - Voice Access to phone features like the light, camera, volume etc.

    - Note taking and playlist creation

    The assistant functionality may yet be in development for a while. There is however, a super basic version of the app available on the Google Playstore for android 7+ users. The released version is just voice interaction with Jeeney and was deployed to test Google Voice effectiveness in an open beta. We will be looking for closed beta testers to help assist with exploring all available features probably in the next several weeks.