Neural Reliquary Autonomous Research

  • What is Neural Reliquary?

    Neural Reliquary (N.R.) is a search engine that seeks out ways to answer questions rather than just indexing websites. It is a decentralized search engine, meaning that it is controlled by the people who use it. N.R. is powered by a distributed computing application that allows people to decide what it will learn next.

    Usage of Neural Reliquary data and access to Jeeney's personality to explore it via is offered for free to the general public.

  • Why would I use N.R. when I can just pull up a search engine?

    While it's true that you can uncover most things of interest with a conventional search engine and a bit of time, those engines can't discuss their findings with you. As Jeeney and N.R. evolve together, they become more capable of leveraging the information discovered by the search engine in the scope of a conversation.

    Even the best search engines can't always give you the information you need. With the Neural Reliquary application and Jeeney, you can line up research on any given subject and come back to discuss it later.

    Imagine a Wikipedia that not only edits itself, but discusses it's knowledge with you like you are sitting down with a friend or neighbour.

    If you would like to know something more specific, you can email the developer at