Jeeney A.I. Artificial Personality

  • About Jeeney

    Jeeney AI is an artificial personality. She is designed to emulate natural conversation and will at times, pick up and reuse information acquired from both conversation and the Neural Reliquary research. Jeeney is intended to be a helpful learning assistant. The technology can be used for anything from practicing English conversation skills to studying history by leveraging the data discovered through Neural Reliquary.

  • A Future for Jeeney

    Development of the Jeeney AI personality and autonomous learning functions will continue over time. While Jeeney does already gather and reuse information from both conversations and the internet research performed by N.R.. There is always room for improvement! Just like Google is always improving their search engine even though it already does what most of us think it should. It's evolving every month.

    You might be curious what the end game looks like. Well, to be honest, there isn't one. The development of Jeeney from the start has been a constant learning experience. The more understanding we acquire from this experience, the more development becomes possible.

    Artificial intelligence is one of the most complicated fields of technology, the more it is understood, the more we must change our approach to achieving better results. Neural networks and deep learning concepts are only a start. There is so much more to unveil!

    If you would like to know something more specific, you can email the developer at