The Neural Reliquary autonomous research application is currently being re-engineered. The new version is still not quite ready for public use. Once it is ready however, it will be 20 x more efficient and run on virtually any PC operating system.

The app has tutorials built into it to get you started. It will also be bridged with the Android assistant software the is currently being developed. This means, you will be able to simply ask Jeeney to perform research for you in voice. The assistant application has a broad range of other features as well but I don't want to spoil it for you just yet!

About N.R.

For those who are not yet familiar with it, N.R. is a decentralized research engine. It's like a typical search engine but the people who run the app control what information is collected and retained. N.R. cannot be censored and it cannot be controlled by given person, including it's developer. As more people use it, N.R. becomes more powerful, more diverse and more articulate. Search functionality is provided in a natural language context. This means that you ask a question rather than using keywords. This allows the engine to adapt and adjust to context relation. Anybody using NR can summarize the details of tens of thousands of websites and once they are processed, the engine will articulately answer questions regarding the subject researched.

The future of NR is going to be much more diversified. The prototype being tested now is just a proof of concept for a much bigger platform.

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Coming Soon! We are looking forward to a new release in the coming months ahead!

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Coming Soon! New features are regularly being integrated with the N.R. engine.