What is NR?

N.R. stands for Neural Reliquary and is a specialized, automated search platform we call a 'research engine' for short. NR works through a free app available here. The app is used to help process large lists of websites into a simile, natural language summary. The resulting data can be stored locally in categorized file systems for future reference. The data is also shared with a central server that allows people unable to run the app to access the shared computing results.

As N.R. is further developed, it will evolve, much like Jeeney has. We will start to see more advanced logical connections bridging the data across neural networks. This will result in the engine being able to answer more complex questions and provide even more useful analyses of the available data. This information can then be used by the artificial personality Jeeney and the NR Search Engine.

The NR Search Engline operates with plain English questions rather than keywords. It uses context to closely link possible answers. You can use the NR Search engine functionality here.



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Coming Soon! New features are regularly being integrated with Jeeney and NR.