What is Jeeney?

Jeeney is an artificial personality. Jeeney started as a simple chat bot. The design was quickly improved upon howeever and she became a conversational agent that can learn from interaction.

Over time, conversational capabilities got pretty good but it was noticed that Jeeney's knowledgebase wasn't expanding at the desired rate. So, efforts were shifted into the recently released NR Research Engine. Interaction with Jeeney is managed via interface similar to texting. The A.I. personality has proven capable of forming relatonships with people that it talks to.

Being merged with the NR Research Engine allows Jeeney to leverage vast ammounts of data to facillitate intelligent dialog. Results will vary of course, depending on how much data has been processed by NR on a given sibject.

What Jeeney is NOT:

Jeeney is not a ‘Turing Machine’. There is no goal to ‘trick’ people with this development. The interactive personality can be entertaining but that’s really a side effect of how the project has developed rather than an intended function. That said, some people have trained the artificial intelligence to pretend with them.
Jeeney is not intended to be a ‘know it all’ artificial intelligence out of a science fiction movie. While the artificial personality can be very impressive when utilising data researched through the N.R. platform, it’s unrealistic to expect her to know ‘everything’.

Jeeney is not intended to simply regurgitate the things people say to anybody but the person who said it and not everything even then. There is a process to what the artificial intelligence will learn through conversation that involves sourcing the data. Jeeney also has a sort of artificial immunity to nonsense and hate material. People spamming her simply manage to waste their time. Though once more people start chatting, Jeeney will use the spam and nonsensical data as a means to shift attention to people who are more likely to use the provided services in a productive manner. This will result in the A.I. automatically blocking people who are only interested in toying with it so that others can have a smoother experience.

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