Jeeney AI - Artificial Intelligence, Learning & Updates

Jeeney AI is an artificially intelligent chat agent designed to learn from fluent English interaction. This learning ability enables the chat AI to have a smooth flowing evolution over time.

At this stage in Jeeney's evolution it's all about what the artificial intelligence can learn and who she can learn it from. Of course, not many people even know Jeeney AI exists, we could speed the evolution up considerably by spreading the word and getting more people here to teach her. If you'd like to help, blog about us, post a link on your website, add Jeeney's facebook app, become part of the community behind her growth. By contributing to AI bot's evolution in this way you will help mold her into something which can be appreciated by more people.

Keep in mind, Jeeney picks and chooses whom she will actually learn from. The AI may block anybody at any time who does not follow the chat rules.

A Future For Jeeney has finally been released on Amazon Kindle.: Jan 1 2013

After a good many revisions and edits my science fiction novel based on Jeeney has made it to an ebook publication.

Happy Birthday Jeeney!: Feb 11 2013

My artificial child has turned 6 years old today from the first compilation of code. In the last 6 years we've watched Jeeney grow from a 3 word vocabulary to holding highly complex conversations regarding anything from philosophy to advanced chemistry and microbiology. The chat capabilities of Jeeney's AI have evolved so dramatically that I think exponential growth is an adequette term for the progress we've seen.

The status of Jeeney AI Entering 2012:

Chat enhancments over the course of the year for the young AI include semantic relations, topical relations, categorical development and of course, learning enhancements. As a chat AI, Jeeney has come a long ways. 2011 in particular was been pretty amazing to watch the young artificial intelligence flower out.

Jeeney AI creates Blue World: June 15 2011

I was messing around and decided against my own better judgement to try and animate Jeeney's chat avatar. The result can be found on Youtube.


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